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Live Transfer Leads to Grow your Business


Live Contact Leads is a Professional Lead Generation Company that specializes in Exclusive Live Transfer Leads for a variety of businesses. It is the quickest way to attract new clients to your business and build new revenue streams. On average, our clients experience a doubling of their profits within the first few months. We efficiently generate live transfer leads for competitive rates; usually as low as $3.00 to $4.25 apiece.

Live Contact Leads uses state-of-the-art technology to generate live transfer leads transferred to your phone in real time. When you answer the phone, our live leads are there and ready. Live lead generation is about finding customers who are actively interested in your product or service, and then transferring them directly to you.

Whether you are seeking leads for insurance or home security, live lead generation is a proven system that will bring new clients to your business. Many competing live lead generation companies utilize recycled databases of aged contacts that offer little benefit to your business. Our constantly expanding database of professional contacts means your opportunity for new clients and fresh conversions grows every day. Do you need live insurance leads annuity or mortgage leads ? What about live leads for SEO?

Our lead generation methods are proven across a variety of fields, including final expense leads, annuity insurance leads and tax debt leads. At Live Contact Leads, we effectively provide live lead generation for a wide array of industries. If you don't see your business listed, call us. We are regularly Beta Testing our lead generation systems across a span of new industries.

Live Contact Leads is the clear choice for legitimate live transfer leads. Nobody provides the personalized service and quality lead generation that our system makes possible. All of these live leads are truly exclusive; you will never find aged leads in our system. Your live leads are yours, period. If you want to learn more about how your business can double its profits this month, fill out our online form or call Live Contact Leads today!


Live Contact Leads produces live transfer leads in real time for the Insurance, Mortgage, Home Security, Tax Debt, SEO, MCA and more! We only work with certain types of business that we know work with our live transfer leads generation system. We have the experience and know how in generating quality live transfer leads.

Live Leads Generation

Live Contact Leads produces live transfer leads in real time for the Insurance, Mortgage, Home Security, Tax Debt, SEO, MCA and more!

Live Leads Generation

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Website Design and SEO

Are you looking to get a website or you have a website already and need help getting it visible? We can help you get visible on the organic search engines.

Website Design and SEO

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Predictive Dialer Services

Live Contact leads is now offering predictive dialer Solutions for your office or call center. With predictive dialing, you can make more calls per hour without increasing employees.

Predictive Dialer Services

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Business Data

Are you looking for business data? We have a database of over 800+ million business record contacts.



Business Data

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Business to Business Live Transfer Leads

Live Contact Leads can explode your business with our B2B Live Leads. We will produce a customize campaign, directing all traffic to your phones. Our B2B Live Leads gets an interested prospect on the phone and live transfers them to your phones when they show an interest in your product or services. Learn more..

Insurance Live Lead Generation

Whether you are selling to businesses or consumers, Live Contact Lead's live transfer leads convert the best. This is the most cost effective live leads solution out there. If you are a single agent, a broker or call center, our platform can accommodate your insurance live transfer leads needs. Learn more..

Alarm & Home Security Live Transfer Leads

No one does home security live transfer leads like Live Contact Leads doe. Live Contact Leads can stream live home owners with an interest in an alarm system right to your phones. Learn more..

Mortgage Live Transfers Leads

Are you a mortgage broker looking for real exclusive reverse mortgage leads generation or refi mortgage leads for your in-house professional sales team? Are you sick and tired of internet mortgage leads that have been sold 10 times? Are you done with dealing with companies that over promise and under deliver? We are too! Whether you need refi mortgage leads or reverse mortgage leads, Live Contact Leads can help! Learn more..

SEO Live Leads

The Search Engine Optimization business is getting more and more competitive. You need to come up with more ways to get new prospects now, who need your service. Live Contact Leads allows you to get in contact with so many potential customers trying to get top search engine rankings. Live Contact leads has most cost effective way to get Search Engine Optimization business. Tired of cold calling, we cut it down by 75%. Let Live Contact Leads stream prospects interested in your SEO services, directly to you. Learn more..

Final Expense Live Transfer Leads

Live Contact Leads targets customers of a certain age and income in your desired area, gets them interested in a final expense quote, then live transfers them to your phone. You control when the live transfer leads ring your phone through our web based interface by turning the leads on and off. Learn more..

Debt Live Transfer Lead Generation

Live Contact leads can provide all the live transfer debt leads you need. We have a database of debt leads who have over $10k in debt. Our live lead system can get them on the phone talking about what options you can provide them. Let us know your target market and we will get them live transferred to your phone. Our all digital, web based interface can deliver your debt leads when you need them. Debt resolution leads have never been so much easier. There are a ton of individuals who need your help out there and we have them in a database of over 20 million records. We can also tackle your loan modification leads needs. Looking for homeowners who maybe having some trouble with there mortgage? We can get them on the phone for you. We can live transfer these loan modification leads right to your phone in real time. Learn more..

Tax Debt Live Leads

Are you in need of IRS tax resolution leads? Live Contact Leads has a unique system that gets these individuals live with tax debt, on the phone. Just let us know how many IRS tax debt leads you need. Live Contact Leads pre-qualify the clients by the demographics you are looking for before we even start calling them leading to less wait time between transfers. These prospects are expressing interest in getting some help with their tax debt issues and then are live transferred directly to your phone. Learn more..

Annuity Live Transfer Leads

We have developed a system that is the most cost effective way to get qualified prospects on the phone, talking about their needs for a higher return on their investment. We pre-qualify the prospect by filtering the data before we call it. Our annuity leads get those hard to contact prospects who are looking for CD alternatives. Learn more..

Medicare Supplement and Advantage Leads

Live Contact Lead's medicare supplement live transfer leads target customers of a certain age and income in your desired area, get them interested in a medicare supplement quote, then live transfer them to you on your phone. You control when the calls come in through our live lead web based interface. Perfect for agents who run appointments or do there business over the phone. We are always there to service your account. We provide high quality exclusive live transfer leads and top notch service. We give you all the tools to be successful. Whatever it takes. Learn more..


Live Contact Leads targets certain types of businesses, ones that would need and qualify for a Merchant Cash Advance, and get them live transferred to your phone, talking to you about there merchant accounts or cash advance. Our call center technology can get you prospect after prospect and keep you staff pitching to merchant account leads and MC live leads. Learn more..

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I would like to say Thank you to you and your lead company, I called the first 7 pages of google lead companies and I found that they are mostly owned by 3 companies so the leads are all the same and sold multiple times which gives each agent really a cold lead."
Jay Ebert, Managing Partner | Canmore Marketing Group LLC

Michael, Michael, I just wanted to say thank you for all your help. I more than doubled my profits in 2 weeks.""

I have been using Live Contact Leads now for the past several months and every time I turn it on, I get quality leads"
Dave Coyman | Financial Advisor

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About Live Contact Leads

Live Contact Leads is a Professional Lead Generation Company that specializes in Exclusive Live Transfer Leads for a variety of businesses.

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