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Live Contact Lead's medicare supplement live transfer leads target customers of a certain age and income in your desired area, get them interested in a medicare supplement quote, then live transfer them to you on your phone. You control when the calls come in through our live lead web based interface. Perfect for agents who run appointments or do there business over the phone. We are always there to service your account. We provide high quality exclusive live transfer leads and top notch service. We give you all the tools to be successful. Whatever it takes.

Our medicare supplement live transfer leads are the most cost effective live leads out there. Where can you get live transfer leads for $5 to $3 where the conversation will last over 5 minutes 1 out of 3 times? Seniors take to this type of marketing.

Take the guessing game out of live leads. How many internet leads does it take to get someone on the phone? Two, maybe. How many internet leads does it take to get over a 5 minute conversation? More then two. internet leads are sold to multiple agents. If you aren't ready by the phone to call when you get a leads, might as well throw it in the garbage. With our leads, you turn it on through our web based interface so you know when they are coming.

We know Medicare Supplements are about to blow up! Get into it now! Advantage Plans are going to go to the wayside. Our medicare supplement live leads will be the answer to your cold calling problems. Call us today 866-256-6348

Features of our Live Call Transfer Lead System

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About Live Contact Leads

Live Contact Leads is a Professional Lead Generation Company that specializes in Exclusive Live Transfer Leads for a variety of businesses.

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