Tech Support Leads

Live Contact Leads targets consumers with emails and asks directly, if they are having tech suport issues with their computers. We have an all digital platform that gets these tech support clients on the phone, live. No more virus leads! Eweee! Live transfer tech support leads work so much better. Buy tech support leads from Live Contact Leads TODAY! 954-425-6145.


Tech Support Leads Include

  • No hidden fees  from Live Contact Leads - 100 Live Tech Support Leads for $850. $8.50 per live transfer tech support leads.

  • No set up fees

  • No training fees on our live leads web portal

  • Online account where you can see tech support leads transferred  and calls can be recorded for quality assurance

  • Live Tech Support Leads Campaigns can be altered at anytime - multiple different  live leads campaigns can be ran at the same time to different agents.

  • We can send one call at a time or 100 to one line - we will stop the live leads calls when the number of agents you have are all on calls   

  • Turn your tech support leads campaign on and off through are web based  live leads portal in real time - adjust velocity of the tech support leads coming in

  • No dnc scrubbing fees - all data is scrubbed by the appropriate dnc lsits - we follow all FTC regulations

  • Free database usage from Live Contact Leads - filtered data to get to the best demographics - over 150 filters can be used

  • Volume can be handled - whether you are one agent or have one hundred, we work on the largest all digital call platform   

  • Best customer service - we strive for residual business rather than "churning and burning" that so many in the lead industry use

  • Huge ROI and low cost per acquisition - Live Transfer leads packages start as low as $850 - Buy tech support leads  from Live Contact Leads now.

  • 20% to 33% of these Final Expense Live Leads last over 5 minutes in length

Our Tech Support Leads will increase your business, buy final expense leads now from Live Contact Leads!! 954-425-6145


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